Posted at 1 year ago in blog by M Lederman

After his start up experienced a large growth stint last year, Chris Karasewich, CEO of Exchange Marketing Agency, knew he needed to hire a few more people to fill out his team.

Early into the hiring process, Chris began to realize that in order to make Exchange as desirable as possible for the talent he needed to hire, he was missing one large piece of the puzzle.

“In the interview, they would ask ‘what kind of benefits do you offer?’ and I didn’t have an answer for them,” Chris said. “It became very apparent very fast that we needed to put a benefits plan in place.”

Chris soon received a recommendation from a friend to check out Next Benefits. He visited the website, filled out the online quote form, and received a call the next day.

He worked with the Next Benefits team to build a plan based on his company needs. After investing in employee benefits, Chris says his employees are considerably more devoted and motivated at work, and he anticipates his team growing more in the next year.

“Considering the people I have here now, and the people I have coming in for interviews, it’s worth every penny,” Chris said. “The process was super easy and much more affordable than I had anticipated.”

For a small investment, Chris says the morale in Exchange Marketing has improved, and the allure of a benefits plan has helped them compete in the small business hiring space.

To get in touch with Next Benefits and receive a quote on a benefits package for your business, fill out the form here.