Why should I offer benefits?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker

At Next Benefits, we believe that offering a benefits package is an affordable and effective step towards building a great company culture. It is a proven way to attract and retain great employees when hiring and helps keep the team healthy and happy (and productive).

Plus, who doesn’t like massages?

Can I split the cost with employees?

No benefits plan is effective it is unsustainable. If it is not possible to pay 100% for the plan, it is common for businesses to split the cost 50-50 with employees using a deduction off of their paycheque.

Make sure to chat with one of our licensed specialists for advice on how to make the plan affordable for years to come.

Do all employees have to join?

Participation of all employees is mandatory for a business with 10 or less employees for several reasons. Beyond 10 employees, you can reduce participation to 75%.
We often find that when employees realize what they are giving up by waiving by benefits – they tend to join. For more tips on how to position the value of the plan to employees, visit this “How To” guide.

What if I already have a plan?

Congratulations for taking this step. If you have several annual renewals under your belt, you know that the cost can increase if the plan is not monitored and adjusted based on incoming data.

We created the Benchmarking Tool to help you understand how strong your plan is compared to others in your industry. We also offer consultations on how to improve your plan by switching to Next Benefits.