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Dear Owner,

This is an exciting time to be in business.

We now live in a fully connected world, which has brought sweeping changes to business models and practices across every industry. If the “Dot Com Crash” of the late nineties was a harsh lesson on market exuberance towards a concept that had not been fully realized; it is safe to say this vast potential has now come to fruition in ways we could never have anticipated twenty years ago. We cannot leverage experience alone to predict the future, because the environment will be completely unfamiliar.

However, when approached with an open mind, this is a very exciting paradigm shift as it opens limitless possibilities to improve productivity and user buying experience in any given field. We believe this presents a great opportunity in our chosen line of work, creating and administering employee benefits and pension plans for small business.

It has always been a painful process to maintain stable and predictable pricing on your employee benefits plan. Time consuming and unnecessary meetings grind the process to a snail’s pace and add huge amounts of overhead, which is passed on to the small business owner with higher prices. Large ticket companies get all the concentrated attention. Small businesses (under 30 people) are left to ward off cold callers. You review your package and pricing once a year. You engage in constant phone tags and meetings for simple tasks like adding or deleting an employee. We know this, as we were once a part of this process.

At Next Benefits, we strive to employ a process to lean out this massive waste of time and resources that simplifies your experience with implementing and administrating a plan. Most importantly, we have digitized our system with all the modern tools of online commerce that improves efficiency in communication. We are happy to pass the savings through automation and central control to our clients and their employees. We aim to walk the walk, and focus relentlessly on improving total customer experience across three realms: ease of implementation, effective services and highly competitive pricing.

Use our white paper to build a plan. Use our Benchmarking Tool to evaluate plan design against others in your industry. Use our quote request to price out a plan specifically to your company. Leverage our licensed representatives to help with any questions you may have. All tools and resources are available at no cost and no obligation on our website, www.nextbenefitsinc.com.

We wish you the best,  

Next Benefits Inc.